Daniel was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1986. Being highly influenced by Brazil's vast syncretic mysticism and its pantheistic nature, he is been deeply inspired by the unknown and its invisible transcendence. His work revolves mostly around the search, the wait, and ultimately an evocation through photography of an uncanny mysterious image. As a passionate wanderer, he picked the camera for its mobility and freedom, seeking to reach beyond the medium itself through image manipulation and elusive light, his photography conjures reality in illusion.
With a degree in Cinema from UNA Belo Horizonte's university (2011), followed by his second degree in Photography, from the Istituto Europeo di Design, IED Milan (2016), a master's degree in Documentary and Artistic Photography from the IDEP faculty of Barcelona (2017), and a specialization in Archiving and Cataloging of Photography at the CFP Bauer School in Milan (2018). He is been working with Photography and Video since 2011 for clients such as Google, Bulgary, Addidas, Motorola, Alpha Romeo, and others.
His work has been exhibited at the Mia Photo Fair in Milan, Italy (2016), at FIF in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2020), has been published by La Repubblica, Italy (2017), exhibited in the Festival of Photography Foto em Pauta in Tiradentes, Brazil (2023), in the Sociedade Fluminense de Fotografia in Niterói, Brazil (2023), and in the Galeria Eixo Reserva in Niterói, Brazil (2023).
Daniel currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, between the sea and the tropical forest.

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